Company Profile

Deluge Power Magnetic Solutions ,founded in 2017 in zhejiang China. We, as a small business, design, produces and supply neodymium rare earth magnets and magnetic products solutions to fulfill the wide ranging requirements and specifications for a huge range of applications across all industries(such as motor,Winds power generation, home&office, ect) We continually work closely with equipment builders and design engineers to provide a magnetic solution which exceeds expectations either by driving cost and performance efficiencies, or practical improvements such as reduced size or weight. To expand our products lines ,and meet the clients' new needs and wants, we creat a long term relations with 5 injection molding factories( 3 in Ningbo, around us, and 2 of tem in Dongguan). Our Mission-"Win-Win", TO MAKE MONEY WITH OUR PARTNERS TOGETHER.

Why Choose Us

We are a small business

10 employees,,Low operating costs, always we purchasing other products to earn 5-10% commission


our supply chains are all over China, working with 5 molding factories .

Location advantage

we are Very close to 2 ports, shanghai and Ningbo.

Diversity of Services

Customize the neodymium magnets, Purchase others products ,Magnetic solutions (molding, samples , bulk productions),Optimize supply chian,Receipt and pay to other factories,Shipping agent ect

Why Choose Us
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